About ÓGRA

ÓGRA, meaning youth, is Ireland’s only full range of cosmetic products that uses peat as an integral ingredient in its range. Based on the unique, time-defying, natural, organic components, such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements to treat, hydrate and restore the skin, ÓGRA harnesses all the goodness and preservative qualities of natural Irish peat to enhance, and rejuvenate the skin.From the Roman Empire right through to modern times, natural peat has been used in cosmetic formulations and beauty rituals, the world over for thousands of years. The rejuvenating benefits come from the abundance of essential oils, humic acids and lipoids in the peat. These penetrate the skin, re-establishing the Ph balance and encouraging blood flow.

What is Peat?

Peat is main constituent of a wetland known as a bog (peatland). Peat is basically the material that is formed when plant remains partially decompose i.e. the organic soil layer to be found immediately below the vegetation layer of a bog. In its natural state, this peat layer will contain about 90% water and the remainder being dry matter.

These plant remains only partially de-compose due to the existence of an anaerobic condition on the bog. This condition holds intact the natural goodness that exists within the bogs vegetation. It is this same condition that also preserves the human bodies that have been found in the bogs in recent years. It has been established that these bodies have been many thousands of years old.

What is a bog?

There are two types of bogs, Fen bogs and Raised Bogs. Our peat is harvested from Raised Bogs which are available only in the centre of Ireland. In Ireland, these bogs have evolved since the melting of the Ice age and the peat on them is produced through precipitation only. 51% of the world’s raised bogs are in the midlands of Ireland.

 How is peat good for my skin?

• Promotes Youthfulness – Peat contains strong anti-oxidants that can combat free radical damage. This free radical damage is generally recognised as the main cause of premature aging. It also promotes increase collagen production which helps to increase cell re-generation and slow down the aging process.
• Astringecy – Binds together skin tissues giving your skin a smoother look.
• Detoxifier – It stimulates the lymphatic system and is therefore a very effective detoxifier. Peat removes dead skin cells, toxins and other impurities from your skin.
• The natural abundance of essential oils, fatty acids and lipoids penetrate into the skin re-establishing the skin’s natural PH balance.

What can ÓGRA peat be used for?

• Facial treatments, Body wraps, Peat baths, , Hand and foot treatments, Hair and Scalp.